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Purpose First, Integrity Always.

While in the military we learned how pivitol our core values are to any mission, that's why at Stars & Stripes Financial Advisors we make honor, integrity and purpose the core of everything we do.

Our Primary Purpose

We start our relationship with everyone by conducting a complimentary consultation to assess a mutual fit and ensure we provide the right services for you.

Once we have agreed to work together we start our financial planning process by seeking to understand your intent. What do you want to use your money for? How do you want to live your life? These are just a few of the questions we seek to understand the answer to before we begin to assess your financial situation. After all, how can we make recommendations about how to accomplish the mission if we don't understand what your intent is?

After your intent is well defined and understood we start with the OODA loop. Like any good commander, we understand that to improve decision making cycles we need to Observe, Orient, Decide and Act. That is why we begin our financial planning process by following that time tested framework for decision making.

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” – Jim Rohn

When you hire a financial advisor you are getting more than a wealth of knowledge, you are getting a guide through all stages of life. As your financial guide we understand that what made sense during one season of life may not make sense for the next season. Have you had kids? Did your career change? Are you about to retire? Life changes and your plans should change to reflect your new reality. That is why we provide a comprehensive list of services to ensure we revisit topics every year so you are getting the advice you need in this season of your life.

Client Centered

One of our core functions as a financial advisor is to be your accountability partner. In the military we learned that a good battle buddy who had your six was one of the greatest gifts a person could ask for. For that same reason we make sure that we not only create financial plans and give financial advice but that we also follow through by helping you to implement the changes that need to be made so you can achieve your financial goals.

As time progresses and you get more experience with your finances you will begin to notice that you are making healthy new habits with your money. These habits will serve to reinforce each other as your financial accumen grows intandem with your wealth.

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